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  • Name of commodity: JD-S4A two step bottle blowing machine
  • Goods ID: JD-S4A
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JD-S3A, JD-S4A Two step fully auto-loader bottle blowing machine is improved on bases of JD-S3, JD-S4 bottle blowing machine. It is the most advanced and highly developed technology two-step fully auto-loader bottle blowing machine in the world. The machines have won a number of invention patents.


JD-S4A two step bottle blowing machine has four cylinders. The capacity can reach 2200-2400B/H for 500ml bottle. Far-infrared auto-loader rotary heater now is improved on the basis of JD-S4 model manually putting perform, we only need to put all the performs into the loader, dispatch the perform into the heater through the upper-loader, go one round to the exit after heating, and take the performs to the closed mould by hand for blowing, and the blew bottles will come out automatically. It specialized in the production of blowing the plastic container (PET/PMMA/PS), it has small size, low energy consumption rate, high efficiency, low investment, easy to operate and maintain.


S/N Item Unit JD-S4A
1 Raw material   PET/PMMA/PS/PP
2 orking pressure(air)          Mpa 0.7-0.9
3 Blowing-pressure Mpa 0.9-3.0
4 Voltage/Frequency V/Hz 220V/380V/50Hz、60Hz
5 Rated power Heater kW 10.5(220)
Air Compressor 15(380V)
6 Max mould effective dimension(L*W*H) mm 360*535*220
7 Mould Opening Stroke mm 210
8 Max mould thickness mm 220
9 Center Distance Between two Cavities   mm 150
10 Volume of product ml 10-2000
11 Max Stretch Length mm 360
12 Ckanping force kN 50
13 Capacity pcs/h 2200-2400B/H
14 Machine dimension
Main machine mm 1330*780*2000
Heater 1850*1300*1850
15 Machine weight    Main machine kg 600
Heater 500
16 Air Compressor Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1700*670*1220
weight kg 410
17 Air Compressor Dimension(L*W*H) mm 250*250*600
weight > kg 30
18 Freezed Dryer   Dimension(L*W*H) mm 890*550*1000
weight kg 175
19 Temperature range 60-110(PET)
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